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  • Sister Mag Daylesford White Christmas feature

    A Daylesford White Christmas feature and recipes by moi – from page 132 to 163 in the December issue of Sister Magazine. You’ll see the photos from my rainy market garden trip (where I had my eureka moment) and the recipes I spent the October mid-term week creating up at Honeysuckle Cottage with the girls.…

  • sfgirlbybay interview

    There’s a little moi-interview over at sfgirlbybay today and a house tour too. And tomorrow I have an exciting story to tell about Rosie Flo’s colouring books. Stay tuned.

  • Time for a cup of tea

    … and a sit down (and a scone). I’ve finished the sewing binge. Babychops ii clothes are all freshly washed and re-packed. I made scones. I’m thinking about a cake. Maybe. Nah. Now all I feel like doing is sitting down and doing nothing. And possibly knitting. But before I do, a few notes on…